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Sweet Jesus this is good

Well done Dude! nice music, nice animation! theres a lot of crappy mario stuff, but this is freakin awesome!!!

Heh, I likey.

Even though the animation could have been much better, I laughed, after rolling on the floor shooting foam out my mouth and convulsing uncontrollably. I think you could make a really good video game parody if you tried really hard. You got the Gift!

heartless-mushroom responds:

I am actually making one videogame parody (well, a big everything parody!)
Yes I can do better than this.
Maybe i will release another animutation.
This movie makes me laugh a lot too :D

What? I liked it!

I like the frame-by-frame animation you did! though it wasn't long, it looked pretty kool. Make one with some neat tecno and a Guy saying he's popular for about 2 min and it would be awesome. If you understand what I just said your smarter than me because even I'm not sure.

Now thats good stuff!

I remember seeing the first episodes of Joe zombie back when I was just starting flash. It was a major influence, and caused me to get a membership on Newgrounds. The animation in this episode is awesome. What 3d program did you use for the buildings and vehicles? and I noticed the nice masking effect on the stick's faces. Is there a site that can explain how to do that?


Not bad, man, not bad at all. You got a great style goin on. Keep up the good work!

What the hell did I just see?

Dude, however good the animation may have been at times, or how funny a skit may have been, this cartoon was just BAD. I mean, come on! The Music was all messed up, the transitions were awful, and its kinda to long for my taste. Other than that, it was kinda funny, I guess.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Ok. Now this, my fellow Newgrounders is the fabricated response of an audience member with no sense of criticism. "It was just BAD. I mean, come on!" only qualifies for a comment that a 13 year old backed into a corner would use. The music isn't "messed up". It's compressed for the simple reason that there's no way we could fit everything we made into 5 megabytes otherwise...
The transitions were what they were: transitions. Count the fact that most collabs don't have transitions and you've got yourself another worthless comment...

Moving on... in answer to the question in you review title, you just happened to see a cartoon which in contrast with yours uses its own preloader, has a body of 10 authors who worked their ass off for months and in the end managed to get a front page mention... Oh, yeah. And it's animated in colour...


Darn good job guys. you have real talent. May the Gods of animation shine their Glory down upon you.

Holy freakin hell!

This animation was Freakin Awesome! I loved the insane wacked out Music and Random Pictures! I Grant you the Ever so Rare 10!

Holy crap Man!

Very well done! good animation, and a funny story! I haven't seen anything quite like it, except for that flash where all the desktop icons kill each other. Good Job!

I liked it, my friend likes it, my MOM likes it.

Okay, there's a few problems here. number 1: to freakin short. Number 2: Though the joke is funny, its in a childish way. number 3: NO Story or action. other than that however, your animation was excelent and lip sinc was well done. I've seen ultimate showdown, now that crap is awesome! see you in cyberspace!

Hell Yeah! I'm getting Better! you guys just wait, I'm gonna put out a new cartoon Soon! I'm so Happy!

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